A photo story following the production of organic tea in Sri Lanka. The English Tea Shop are a English tea company who produce all of their tea in Sri Lanka, using organic farming techniques, employing local communities to cultivate the tea every step of the way. From Seed To Cup.

We visited several different environments and micro climates around the island to see where all of the different ingredients are grown that go into their tea. Rural communities that grow the organic cinnamon and cardamom, tea fields, lemon grass fields and the packaging factories in the capital Colombo. Each ingredient requires a different environment to grow, therefore taking us to several different regions around the island. Documenting the different local communities that are employed for their unique knowledge around each different ingredient. We explored the rituals and techniques used around farming as well of the state of art, modern packaging factory from where they package and ship their tea all over the world.


Directed and Photographed by Adam Slama for 'The English Tea Shop'